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As a grad student in theatre, this is one of the best things I’ve ever read.

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a bullet in his chest,
van gogh tells his brother,
la tristesse durera toujours.
the sadness will last forever.
it takes him two days to die.

we become clumsy with pain.
we succumb to terror, anger, broken hearts.
revolver wounds or no—
across two days or slowly rotting across years—
our ribcages cave in.
we cannot fathom a way out.

we claw at our faces, at the air.
we take to our beds.
we mourn like animals.

in one of his last letters to his sister,
van gogh tells her, “i seek to find an expression
for the desperately swift passing away of things.”
& yet he—.
& yet nobody—
when sunk neck-high in sorrow
like a bitter snowbank
can fathom that it, too,
will swiftly pass away.

the day van gogh is buried,
his friend writes, the sun is “terribly hot outside”
& the artist’s beloved sunflowers are everywhere,
surrounding him,
turning their faces toward the light.

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This is the time for poetry: All the changes in life draw poetry from us, those of us who are in touch with it. It’s direct even sometimes when you have to turn it upside down to understand it. There’s still something embedded in it that directness [that leads] to the heart. Especially in times of revolution and times of great upheaval and change. And it just does that naturally. You don’t have to play around wondering when it’s going to come. It moves the people. It’s just right there.
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No. 89


We all despair. To be an artist, one must do so creatively.

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The point of art is to transform yourself through understanding. Teach yourself your craft in your own way. Write your own story. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
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